Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fond memories of Technics

Boy, I used to love Technics equipment when I was a kid. And still do! I know a lot of audiophiles will turn their nose up at this, but really, these guys made some great equipment back in the day. At the moment I am listening to the beauty pictured here, the Technics SA-350, which was made back in 1984, the year that "Owner of a Lonely Heart" was a big hit.

This thing is stunning. It's heavy, especially when compared to these cheap-ass receivers being made today, and it sounds beautiful. A very solid piece of equipment. 40 watts per channel and really low THD. It has a feature called "Stereoplex" which I think is supposed to enhance and widen the stereo image. I don't use it much but on some recordings it actually does sound pretty interesting. The craziest thing about it though is that it has a 'TV' band! So I can listen to my favorite programs on the stereo if I want. Of course this function will sadly no longer work in a few months when TV goes fully digital, but I don't care. This thing is far from obsolete. I've been using it at my office but I might have to find a way to work it into my home system.

If you are a fan of Technics like I am, do yourself a favor and check out the Vintage Technics website if you haven't already. As you can see, that's where I got the photo above. I'm not associated with the site at all, I just think it's a great resource. You can find info and photos there of pretty much anything that Technics ever made.

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