Tuesday, June 2, 2009

iVinyl! The portable turntable is here!

I want mine now!

Too bad it doesn't work so well in the car.

Well, they may be joking, but this is actually not the first appearance of a portable turntable...it has been tried before. Check out this puppy!...

I found this at the Boombox Museum... a wonderful place to kill an hour or two! Some real beauties there. I would love to take this sucker down to the beach some day and start cranking some of my old LPs...I'm sure it would turn a few heads.

I know I've also seen images somewhere online of an actual car turntable that was installed in the dash. I can't find the source now, but I'll keep looking. I seem to remember a long arm that extended out from the dashboard with a spindle that you would put the LP on. Pretty hard to believe, I know. But technology is advancing so quickly these days I would think getting a record to play in the car should be pretty easy by now.

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