Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pioneer tuners (TX-410) and such

Haven't posted here in a loooong time so here goes another one. Not too long ago I picked up a very simple, but really nice-sounding tuner, the Pioneer TX-410, for $15! Aside from a small dent on the lower right front panel, it's in amazing shape cosmetically, and electronically too. It pulls in stations like crazy, and incredibly the tuning dial is still properly aligned too. One problem that can occur with these old tuners is that the tuning dial and indicator are off-- so that you might be trying to tune in 100.3, but you find it somewhere around 101.5 on the dial. Not a problem with this one...the previous owner must have cared for it pretty well. Yeah, I know radio is way past its prime, but with this baby I can at least tune in a few classic rock radio stations and pretend it's the 70s and 80s again. In actual fact, we have quite a few good college and local stations in my area that make it more than worthwhile too.

The photo here is not my photo, by the way, it's another one I found on the web. But in searching for it I came across a terrific site I wasn't familiar with... Vintage Tuner (If you're looking for English, just click on the first flag icon...the site is available in three languages). This page has some photos of the Pioneer TX-410 L (which it looks like improves on the 410 by adding MW and LW bands).

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